Learn to knit
Knitting is a pastime that once learnt can give a lifetime of enjoyment.
Friendly help and advice is always available at The Wool Shop should you need it.
The following links may give you some guidance if you are learning or alternatively call into The Wool Shop.
Why knit

It has a calming effect - helps relieve stress
Maximizes your time while you watch TV or travel
Cost-effective hobby - you don't have to spend a lot
It feels good to work with beautiful yarn colours and textures
It’s a social activity to share with your friends and family
Express yourself - design original garments and accessories
Adds balance to a high-tech, fast-paced lifestyle
Create sweaters and accessories for yourself
Hand made presents have a special value
Provides a sense of accomplishment
It’s portable - take it anywhere
School Fairs etc - raise funds
Knit and crochet for charity
Carry on a family tradition

There are a lot of useful and informative websites on the internet
regardless of whether you just starting to learn or been knitting for years.

Here are some links for you which we hope will be useful and informative.
UK Hand Knitting Association
Learn 2 Knit
Lets knit together
Simply Knitting