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If there is one occasion which brings hand knitted garments to mind it's the arrival of a baby.

It's an ideal present and always appreciated by both mother and the baby.

Items can be hand knitted to order but there are always hand knitted garments on sale in the shop. For those wanting to knit themselves there is a good selection of baby patterns and quality  soft yarns on sale.  Expert advice is always happily given if required.

Always popular are the bonnets, hats, jumpers and bootees which are on sale. Bonnets and jumpers can be hand knitted to your choice of colours.  The feedback from customers regarding the bootees is very positive as they are designed to stay on babies feet and look lovely.

Garments can be hand knitted to order or if you knit why not choose from a range of patterns and quality yarns.














Christening Shawls, hand knitted for the Wool Shop, are a very popular choice.

Hooded Jackets


Hand made cards